We created the "CARROT Wellness" mobile app to help motivate people to lead healthier, more active lives. The first version of CARROT was launched in December 2014 for iOS, and then in May 2015 for Android. The CARROT Health & Wellness Program was formally introduced with the release of CARROT 2.0 in January 2016.

There's no program quite like CARROT Health & Wellness.  About 85% of participants engage with the app daily, increasing their daily steps by 22.8% in the first two months. Our mobile program motivates employees on an individual level, allowing ALL staff members to compete equally for rewards and providing instant gratification for meeting personalized goals.

That’s almost certainly why Henry Ford Health System, which was the first organization to pilot CARROT in early 2016, committed to use CARROT for its 25,000 employees. It’s also why Oakland University, Health Alliance Plan, Medical Advantage Group, the United Auto Workers and Macomb County Government, among others, have adopted CARROT to benefit their employees. And in January 2017, CARROT made its way into the global market when the employees of Takeda Pharmaceuticals began using the program in Switzerland and Finland.

Today, CARROT has about two-dozen paying clients, approximately 60,000 paid participants, and people in more than a dozen countries actively participate in a CARROT program.

As a corporate wellness program, CARROT has many unique advantages.  It's extremely affordable for employers of any size, it can be launched in a matter of minutes (literally), and the entire program is managed through the app and a secure web portal. HR requirements, including fulfillment of rewards, have been completely minimized.

The bottom line: CARROT’s simple, easy-to-manage program delivers three times the engagement at one-sixth the cost of traditional fitness initiatives. This, in part, explains why CARROT was honored as the “Most Innovative Solution to Engage Millennials with Health Care” during the Crain’s Detroit Business Health Care Leadership Summit.

We invite you to launch your own free 30-day trial today – and you can do this in a matter of minutes! Simply tap on the "Launch Trial" menu option and enter your company email address. You’ll receive, via email, everything you’ll need to join, promote and manage your own company-branded CARROT Health & Wellness program!

If we can assist you with any of this, please let us know.

Keep taking those #CARROTsteps… because #ItPaysToWalk!



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