More Rewards, More Often!

Many of your program’s sponsored rewards will now be available through exclusive auctions on CARROT – and that’s great news for you!

• More total rewards will now be available.

• You’ll be able to see future prizes well in advance.

• A countdown clock on each item lets you know when that auction will start.

• Using the new auction filter, you can view the prizes you “Like” as well as the ones requiring CARROT Coins or Reward Points.

• It’s super convenient: the instant auctions happen in real time and are normally completed in a matter of minutes.

• Only the winning bidder loses their currency – if you’re outbid for an item, you still keep ALL of your CARROT currency!

If you miss out on an auction, no worries – new prizes (and chances to win) are right around the corner!

So look for your sponsored rewards under the “Auction” tab… and be sure to check there frequently for new, exclusive prizes!!