My first week at CARROT

These are a list of things I have learned throughout my first week at CARROT. CARROT is an everyday app that benefits everyone! I hope this is helpful and teaches you what CARROT is all about! Make sure you download the app and have fun CARROTing! - Becca


  •  It’s a universal coupon!
  •  Do you like coupons? You don’t need to print coupons! Get coupons straight on your phone and redeem them with no hassle!
  • Do you like to workout or exercise? Get points 24 hours a day for all kinds of fitness! Earn points while you are walking to work, running on the treadmill, or biking a trail.

How do I get CARROT?

  • Search ‘Carrot pass’ in the App store or Google Play store and click download!
  •  Go to to go straight to the download page!
  •  Go to to learn more about the app.

How do I get points?

  • Visit different pieces of artwork in Downtown Ferndale or Pontiac and get 5,000 points for each painting that you visit!
  • Go shopping at different CARROT merchants and get points for visiting them!
  • Exercise! Whether you are walking, running, or biking, CARROT counts your steps and rewards you with points!  The amount of steps you take is the amount of CARROT points that you receive.
  • Earn points by going to church, shopping, eating, exercising, working out, or just walking!

How do I redeem my points?

  • Redeem your points at any CARROT merchants.
  • When you are close to or in a CARROT merchant store, an offer will pop up on your phone.  In order for your phone to receive the offers make sure your Bluetooth and location are on on your smartphone!
  • Example of an offer: ‘Get 20% off any one regular priced item with 20,000 points.’
  • The CARROT merchant will scan your phone to redeem the offer.

What kind of stores are CARROT merchants?

  • CARROT merchants include churches, restaurants, boutiques, cafes, coffee shops, salons, farmer markets, pubs, consignment stores, malls, cities, and schools.
  • You can find a list of all CARROT merchants on our website. You can also find CARROT merchants in your location on the CARROT app.