CARROT: A Dynamic New Health & Wellness Program

The customer, they say, is always right… so when multiple companies contacted us about the possibility of using CARROT to motivate their employees to be more active, well, we listened! And that’s why we are excited to have developed the new “CARROT Health & Wellness Program”. CH&W offers features and advantages that no other program can match.

  • PERSONALIZED:  Thanks to CARROT’s proprietary technology, activity goals are customized to the participant and updated daily. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach (which typically only engages the healthiest members of a population), CARROT’s personalized program incentivizes and benefits ALL participants!

  • INSTANT GRATIFICATION: CARROT features a company-branded Rewards Center which gives the employer the opportunity to post special offers, incentives, discounts, etc. Rewards are redeemed right on the app. (The Rewards Center would ONLY be accessible to the company’s employees!)

  • HYPER-LOCAL:  The employer can leverage the CARROT Merchant Network by inviting local businesses to support its CARROT program. Those businesses offer exclusive discounts to the employees in exchange for CARROT Reward Points. (This unique feature is free, benefitting the local economy as well as the employee population.)

  • CUSTOMIZED:  The employer is in complete control of its CARROT program with the ability to create/update/delete rewards at any time. 

  • ENGAGING: CARROT can send automated messages directly to the lock screens of participants to celebrate accomplishments and encourage continued progress. The employer also has the ability to send messages to the lock screens of participants.

CARROT can work with current wellness vendors and existing programs to help support all population wellness & employee engagement strategies. Also, because of CARROT’s mix of technologies and program strategies, purchasing wearable devices (such as pedometers or Fitbits) isn’t required. 

To learn more, check out the Health & Wellness section on our site, or click here to contact the CARROT Team.