Is Your Wellness Program Hitting the Mark?

Are the employees in your company truly happy with its wellness program? And is that wellness program easy for the company to manage and deliver?

Unless the answer to each question is “yes”, a new wellness solution is probably needed.

According to a recent article (“Wellness trends raise eyebrows in 2016” by Heather Caspiin) at, many wellness initiatives – despite a greater commitment in resources and financial incentives – fail to hit the mark.

"It isn’t just about driving (or even forcing) more participation, but rather about facilitating smarter interactions that are targeted, timely, relevant, etc. to engage the consumer and influence their behavior,” said Steve Auerbach, CEO of Alegeus, which provides consumer directed healthcare solutions.

From the perspective of a benefits delivery provider, “We see growing complexity as employers use a variety of incentives to include premium variations and different plan designs (deductibles, coinsurance, etc.) for different levels of participation,” Eric Helman, chief strategy officer at Hodges Mace, added. “While we have seen these tactics raise participation, they can also contribute to employee dissatisfaction and administrative complexity when the benefits delivery platform is not up to the task.”

Most wellness programs would love to say that they are designed to be simple and easy-to-use for both the participant and program manager; In reality, CARROT Health & Wellness is one of the few that can make that claim.

The entire program is managed through the CARROT Pass app, giving the employer complete control of incentives which can be created, updated and deleted at any time. For participants, CARROT couldn’t be more convenient – the program in conducted exclusively on the user’s smartphone. Participants can monitor their activity progress on a specially-designed “Activity” tab, and all rewards are redeemed directly on CARROT. Additionally, there are no reporting requirement for participants – aggregated steps and redemption data are shared with the employer seamlessly through the app.

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