Choosing a Wellness Program? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

Organizations have plenty of options when it comes to improving the well being of its staff members. Before you commit to using a health and wellness program, here are eight questions you should ask yourself:

(1) "If our current program is so great, why do we have to spend so many resources promoting it?"
CARROT’s success doesn’t rely on multi-faceted marketing campaigns aimed at your own staff. Rather, CARROT leverages the very tenets of mobile technology and gamification to provide a fun, motivating experience that grows quickly and organically throughout your organization. (In fact, staff members are incentivized to recruit their co-workers into the program!)

(2) "Does our current program engage our participants every Saturday and Sunday?"
About 85% of CARROT Health & Wellness participants engage with the app at least once per day, seven-day-a-week. (And most users engage at least three times daily!)  

(3) "Would we benefit from a mobile tool to support everything we do?"
A great wellness program complements all of your other initiatives. CARROT is designed to not only generate interest in your other well-being programs, but it’s also a seamless platform to reward those who complete HRA’s, annual screenings, nutrition classes, health coaching and other wellness activities. 

(4) "Does our current program create a real 'buzz' around the office?"
CARROT will not only serve as an effective wellness program, but it will also be your organization’s best employee engagement tool. With its digital rewards, games, contests, team & individual challenges and staff leaderboards, CARROT will quickly become a unifying program that adds value and becomes a favorite “water cooler” topic.  

(5) "Is our current program personally meaningful?"
“Personalized” means the program itself, and not just the marketing, has been customized to the participant. CARROT meets people where they are today, creating an individualized activity goal that allows them to be successful and engaged in the program. 

(6) "Shouldn't a great program actually make our HR staff's job easier?"
CARROT is a “set it and forget it” solution. CARROT’s algorithm recommends rewards for your population to maximize participation, engagement and the incentives budget. Digital rewards eliminate fulfillment, and easy-to-read analytics allow you to monitor progress.  

(7) "Wouldn't an easier, more simple program get more people to participate?"
People don’t want to log into web portals or remember passwords – so they don’t. With CARROT, there are NO web portals, NO passwords to remember, and NO paperwork to complete. CARROT reduces friction at every turn.  

(8) "Shouldn't the convenience of our own staff members be a primary consideration?"
CARROT is truly a MOBILE solution. It operates entirely on the user’s smartphone. Participation and messaging are done directly through the app, and lock screen notifications keep everyone engaged.  

(Oops… okay, so we miscounted! There’s actually a NINTH question you should ask yourself before committing to a wellness program:)

(9) "Is our staff more likely to participate in a program that's FUN?"
CARROT’s results are based on “lives touched”, not “percentage increases”. In a pilot open to 1,300 employees, 435 registered and actively participated in less than six weeks – and the only internal promotion of the pilot came in the form of two emails. If there’s true VALUE in the program – if they actually enjoy it and have fun – they will spread the word and get involved.