Final Two Weeks of ICO (Initial CARROT Offering!)

There are just two weeks left to grab that ownership stake in CARROT.

The opportunity to purchase shares of common stock in CARROT through Netcapital, a crowdfunding platform, ends April 2.  CARROT has already raised about four times more in investment dollars than its minimum Netcapital target.

For as little as $4.90, you can now have an equity interest in CARROT.

“We’re excited about the response we’ve gotten,” said CARROT founder and CEO Michael Antaran. “Going through this process has really put us on the map and has started some great conversations with people who recognize our potential. It's very exciting.”

CARROT’s patent-pending, “set-it-and-forget-it” program uses personalized goals and instant gratification to motivate employees on an individual basis, making CARROT an attractive corporate wellness program for companies of all sizes. CARROT leverages the viral advantages of mobile technology to quickly onboard small employers while offering a cost-effective, scalable solution for the world’s largest corporations.

With a few clicks, investors on Netcapital can purchase stock from promising companies, such as CARROT Pass LLC, for as little as $4.90.

To learn more or to invest in CARROT, visit