Podcast: Alexa Can Keep You Moving!

Can voice technology help motivate people to be physically active? CARROT’s Michael Antaran addresses that and many other questions during Data Driven Design’s recent podcast.

“Each technology has its own strengths and limitations – and we’ve discovered that integrating the very best features of each technology can lead to some amazing results,” said Antaran, CARROT’s Founder and CEO.

Paul Hickey of Data Driven Design invited Antaran onto the program to discuss CARROT’s innovative approach to user engagement.

Antaran has become a leading expert in the integration of mobile and voice technologies. A University of Michigan Adjunct Professor, Antaran teaches “Intro to Entrepreneurial Design – The Voice-User Interface” through the College of Engineering and the University’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

This past August, he served as one of the featured speakers at Harvard Medical School’s “The Voice of Healthcare Summit” where his presentation, “From Mobile to Voice: The Story of CARROT,” addressed how leveraging the strengths of mobile and voice technologies is helping to keep CARROT users on track in their wellness journey.

CARROT recently released new skills for Amazon’s Alexa to allow participants to keep up-to-date on their activity goals, rewards and contests. CARROT is developing similar voice features for Google Assistant.

“We’re finding that users who now integrate with Alexa are making greater activity progress than they had previously,” Antaran said. “We very excited what the future can bring.”

Watch the podcast at https://youtu.be/mb-J2qAnuGo.