Healthy Livonia Using CARROT to Connect with the Community

Healthy Livonia has launched its first community-wide fitness initiative, using CARROT as its high-tech centerpiece to motivate residents to live healthier, more active lives.

Healthy Livonia – a unique initiative involving by St. Mary Mercy Livonia Hospital, the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, Livonia Public Schools, Livonia Parks & Recreation and the City of Livonia – was created to energize a community-wide focus on healthy living. The program’s goal is to enhance the health and wellness for all Livonia residents.

In January, Healthy Livonia partnered with CARROT Wellness and its “gamified” approach to help motivate people to be more active. Healthy Livonia Program Coordinator Jane Muszynski said the program launched at the 100 Days to Health event at the Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center last month and has seen more than 200 participants sign up in the first weeks of the program.

One of the most attractive features of the CARROT program, said Muszynski, is the fact that individual activity goals are determined by each participant’s personal steps history, not at an arbitrary figure. If a participant currently leads a more sedentary lifestyle, their goal will be different than a more active person.

"Then your goal is going to be set lower," she said. "You wouldn't have the same goal as a mailman who walks all day."

Participants in the free program will use CARROT to earn “virtual currencies” for walking and meeting individual activity goals. They will use those currencies to participate in challenges, compete in games, and purchase exclusive rewards such as digital gift cards and incentives offered by Livonia-area businesses. To encourage local businesses to participate, Healthy Livonia is matching the first $100 in rewards offered by any chamber member.

Ted Davis, superintendent of parks and recreation for the city, said in addition to encouraging people to visit parks, the program will help move Livonia residents closer to living a healthier lifestyle.

"We hope to continue to roll this out to the business community and the general public as well," he said. "It's really unique. We're reinforcing positive behaviors. We're rewarding good behaviors."

Healthy Livonia becomes the second non-profit organization to utilize CARROT for a community wellness program. In April 2018, Beaumont Health began using CARROT to support its “Beaumont Gets Walking” initiative throughout Metro Detroit.

“We’re thrilled to support Healthy Livonia and their amazing community efforts,” said Michael Antaran, CARROT Founder & CEO. “We believe CARROT provides them with a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use tool to reach the entire Livonia community.”

To participate in the program, Livonia residents are encouraged to:

1)      Download the free CARROT wellness app from the Apple or Google Play Store. Search “carrot wellness” or go to

2)      Open CARROT and log in. Log in using your phone number (preferred) or Facebook

3)      Swipe left to the “HEALTHY LIVONIA” tab, tap on the “Join the Program” reward item and “purchase” your free entry into the program.

Introduced in Metro Detroit in 2016, CARROT Wellness is a free mobile app that uses personalized activity goals and instant gratification to motivate users on an individual level. Its gamified approach to health and wellness has demonstrated results in leading people to make increased movement a new, healthy habit.

The app is a free download on the Apple and Google Play Stores and can be found by searching “carrot wellness”, or by following this link:

More information is available at