CARROT's Michael Antaran Named Featured Speaker for Harvard’s “Voice of Healthcare Summit”

CARROT Founder and CEO Michael Antaran will serve as one of the featured speakers at “The Voice of Healthcare Summit”, which takes place August 5-6 in Boston, MA.

Antaran will present his topic, “From Mobile to Voice: The Story of CARROT,” at Harvard Medical School's Martin Conference Center on Monday, August 5.

“Having the opportunity to present at this prestigious event is a tremendous honor,” Antaran said. “I’m also excited that others are interested to find out how leveraging the strengths of mobile and voice technologies is helping to keep CARROT users on track in their wellness journey.”

CARROT recently released a new skill for Amazon’s Alexa to allow CARROT participants to keep up-to-date on their activity goals, rewards and contests. CARROT is developing similar voice features for Google Assistant.

Named after the popular show The Voice of Healthcare, The Voice of Healthcare Summit will bring together 500 healthcare executives, practitioners, and technologists for two important days.

The Voice of Healthcare Summit is emceed by Bradley Metrock, host of the popular podcast This Week In Voice (see the Season 3 Finale with Mark Cuban) who authored the recent Harvard Business Review article Your Company Needs A Strategy For Voice Technology.

The Voice of Healthcare Summit is part of the VoiceFirst Events series. For more information about the conference, including the agenda-setting conference program, visit The Voice of Healthcare Summit's website,