CARROT Program Benefits People with Disabilities: Manual Wheelchair Users Can Compete, Earn Rewards with CARROT

Thanks to Apple's recent innovations and CARROT’s proprietary program, manual wheelchair users can now compete with all other participants in Survivor Challenges and in all other aspects of CARROT Health & Wellness.

“CARROT has always been about leveling the playing field and making it possible for everyone to fully participate,” said CARROT Founder and CEO Michael Antaran. “We've taken pride in CARROT being a truly inclusive program, so creating the opportunity for manual wheelchair users to compete on an equal basis for rewards was very, very important to us.”

Those using manual wheelchairs are rewarded for “pushes”, rather than “steps”, with goal coins and reward points earned by meeting daily personalized goals based on the user’s activity history. The user must select the “wheelchair” and “pushes” options in Apple Health, and the iPhone’s “Activity” app wheelchair settings must also be selected.

CARROT, introduced in January 2016, is an entirely new type of health and wellness program developed to help organizations create the conditions for real, sustainable change in the well being of its employees. Essentially, CARROT rewards users financially for meeting individualized activity goals.

More information about CARROT is available at To find the CARROT Wellness app on the iTunes or Google Play store, follow this link: