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“Beaumont Gets Walking” with CARROT

Beaumont Health is taking a new “gamified” approach to community health, utilizing the CARROT Wellness mobile app as the high-tech centerpiece of its “Beaumont Get Walking” initiative.

Participants in the free program will use CARROT to earn “virtual currencies” for walking and meeting individual activity goals – and they will use those currencies to purchase exclusive rewards including digital gift cards and incentives offered by local businesses. Through CARROT, Beaumont will also promote, and reward community members for participating in, a variety of wellness-related events.

“We’re absolutely honored to be working with Beaumont to support their amazing work in community health,” said Michael Antaran, CARROT Founder & CEO. “Their longtime commitment to the communities they serve is well-established. We firmly believe CARROT will be an effective tool in helping Beaumont reach the entire community, including those who do not typically take part in wellness initiatives.”

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity affect work, family and overall quality of life. To address the alarming trend in chronic disease, Beaumont – one of Michigan’s largest health care systems with eight regional hospitals – has partnered with key community stakeholders to improve health one community at a time.

“Our partnership with CARROT gives community members an incentive to get moving,” said Betty Priskorn, Vice President, Community Health Outreach at Beaumont Health. “The program uses individualized goals and instant gratification to motivate. Beaumont is committed to becoming a leader in care that supports the needs of the communities we serve.”

“Beaumont Gets Walking” focuses on the communities in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties in Southeast Michigan. As a part of this initiative, CARROT will provide Beaumont with an engaging, measurable, and mobile program that essentially makes a game out of walking.

To participate in the program, Metro Detroit area residents are encouraged to:

     1) Download the free CARROT wellness app from the Apple or Google Play Store. Search “carrot wellness” or go to

     2) Open CARROT and log in. Log in using your phone number (preferred) or Facebook

     3) Swipe left to “BEAUMONT” tab, tap on the “Join the Program” reward item and “purchase” your free entry into the program

Local businesses who would like to support the program by contributing rewards may do so at no cost. Those merchants can get involved by contacting CARROT directly.

Introduced in Metro Detroit in 2016, CARROT Wellness is a free mobile app that uses personalized activity goals and instant gratification to motivate users on an individual level. Its gamified approach to health and wellness has demonstrated results in leading people to make increased movement a new, healthy habit.

CARROT was named the “Most Innovative Solution” to engage millennials with health care during the annual Crain’s Detroit Business Health Care Leadership Summit in November 2016.

The app is a free download on the Apple and Google Play Stores and can be found by searching “carrot wellness”, or by following this link: More information is available at


Our Latest Carrot Version Truly Drives Activity, Healthy Behaviors

When CARROT first launched in December 2014, it was hailed as an innovative tool to help connect shoppers with small businesses. And while that functionality is still very much in place, it has grown into what is now the most unique and dynamic Fitness Rewards program available.

After a series of updates that included the creation of a personalized activity goal for each user, CARROT now boasts features that promise to change the role smartphones play in motivating people to be more active. Most of the new features were created to support the new CARROT Health & Wellness program, including:

Our new Goal Coin. You will want to earn these!

Our new Goal Coin. You will want to earn these!

  • The introduction of a new CARROT currency – “Goal Coins” – which allows companies to reward employees for meeting personalized activity goals. Employees earn one Goal Coin each time they meet their daily steps goal.

  • A company-branded “Rewards Center” where employers participating in a CARROT Health & Wellness can post exclusive incentives for its staff – and this special tab would ONLY be available to the company’s employees. Goal Coins, as well as CARROT Reward Points, may be used to purchase these special rewards which are available directly on the CARROT app.

  • An improved “Activity” area when users can monitor their personalized steps goal and track their daily progress.

  • Thanks to a new “JOIN WELLNESS” button, employees have the ability to link seamlessly with their company’s established CARROT Health & Wellness program.

CARROT also includes a new “Featured” tab where businesses, regardless of location, can advertise special offers to reward all CARROT users. CARROT has also streamlined the process for businesses interested in joining the CARROT Merchant Network or posting an offer.

To learn more about CARROT, please visit or contact the CARROT Team.