Prize Auctions a Big Hit with CARROT Users

“I’ve got thirty, do I hear thirty-one?”

CARROT recently introduced a new feature that allows participants to use the currencies they’ve earned for walking to compete in live, 60-second auctions to win digital gift cards and other prizes.

The feature has been a resounding hit with as many as 2,500 bids submitted by users on certain days.

“Thanks for starting the auctions. I’ve won a $5 Starbucks and a $10 Kohl’s so far! I find myself making sure I make my goal more than ever, because I want to make sure I have enough for the next auction. Keep it up!” said Lori L., a CARROT participant since 2017.

“Thirty going once… “

“We’re always looking for ways to improve each user’s experience,” said CARROT Founder and CEO Michael Antaran. “By giving the participants a new, fun way to user their CARROT Coins and Reward Points, we were certain it would improve engagement – and it has definitely done that.”

Auctions available to all Premium Members are held each weekday with four-to-eight prizes up for bid at various times. Digital gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Panera Bread and many others are typical prizes. Shinola Detroit has sponsored a number of $25 gift cards as well.

CARROT’s development staff has just finished testing an update that will allow all CARROT clients to host reward auctions exclusively for their members. Beaumont Health, for example, will begin making its rewards available in the form of auction prizes to those who are enrolled in the “Beaumont Gets Walking” community health initiative on CARROT.

“Thirty going twice… “

Making rewards available through CARROT’s unique auction format, rather than simply listing them as “for-purchase rewards” on the app, provides many advantages:

  • More total rewards can be offered, and future prizes can be visible weeks in advance – increasing motivation with more “dangling carrots” available.

  • A countdown clock on each item lets participants know when that auction will start, so they never miss out on an opportunity.

  • Using the new auction filter, participants can view the prizes they “Like” as well as the ones requiring CARROT Coins or Reward Points.

  • It’s super convenient: the instant auctions happen in real time and are normally completed in a matter of minutes.

  • Only the winning bidder loses their currency – if a user is outbid for an item, they still keep ALL of their CARROT currency!

  • If a participant misses out on an auction, no worries – new prizes (and chances to win) are right around the corner!

Prizes are visible on the CARROT Wellness app under the “Auction” tab. Please be sure to check there frequently as new prizes are added regularly.

“SOLD – to another lucky CARROT user!!”

The app is a free download on the Apple and Google Play Stores and can be found by searching “carrot wellness”, or by following this link:

More information is available at


Antaran Named to OU Advisory Council

It’s commonly called “giving back”.

But for CARROT Founder and CEO Michael Antaran, it’s more like “getting more” – as in “more fulfillment” for having the opportunity to take a very hands-on leadership role with his alma mater.

Antaran has been named to Oakland University’s Graduate Advisory Council.

The Graduate Study Advisory Council's mission is to support OU's graduate education by contributing to the development of its strategic direction and implementation of strategic objectives.

“It really is a tremendous honor to have the opportunity to serve OU,” Antaran said. “This university has played an instrumental role in any success I’ve achieved, and I’m just so happy for the chance to work side-by-side with some amazing people on the Board to help OU in any way possible.”

The Graduate Study Advisory Council is an invitation only position facilitated by the Dean of Graduate Education. This position will support the work of Graduate Study and provide mission-based leadership and strategic advocacy. The Dean-Council relationship is a partnership.

This is the third time OU has honored Antaran in recent months. This past February, Oakland University’s School of Health Sciences named Antaran to its new Board of Advocacy and Resource Development (BOARD).  And late last year, he was invited to give the Commencement Address during OU’s December graduation ceremonies.

CARROT Program Benefits People with Disabilities: Manual Wheelchair Users Can Compete, Earn Rewards with CARROT

Thanks to Apple's recent innovations and CARROT’s proprietary program, manual wheelchair users can now compete with all other participants in Survivor Challenges and in all other aspects of CARROT Health & Wellness.

“CARROT has always been about leveling the playing field and making it possible for everyone to fully participate,” said CARROT Founder and CEO Michael Antaran. “We've taken pride in CARROT being a truly inclusive program, so creating the opportunity for manual wheelchair users to compete on an equal basis for rewards was very, very important to us.”

Those using manual wheelchairs are rewarded for “pushes”, rather than “steps”, with goal coins and reward points earned by meeting daily personalized goals based on the user’s activity history. The user must select the “wheelchair” and “pushes” options in Apple Health, and the iPhone’s “Activity” app wheelchair settings must also be selected.

CARROT, introduced in January 2016, is an entirely new type of health and wellness program developed to help organizations create the conditions for real, sustainable change in the well being of its employees. Essentially, CARROT rewards users financially for meeting individualized activity goals.

More information about CARROT is available at To find the CARROT Wellness app on the iTunes or Google Play store, follow this link:

Tech Crunch’s Tito Hamze Looking Great in that CARROT Tee!

It’s not easy staying up-to-date in the ever-changing tech world, but Tito Hamze makes that challenge a lot easier (and more fun) with his nightly “Crunch Report” on His April 27 update was particularly entertaining as he sported a highly-fashionable CARROT tee! (Looking great, Tito!!)

Catch Tito’s “Crunch Report” here.


City of Royal Oak Using CARROT Wellness for New Community Walking Challenge

ROYAL OAK, MICH. – With the assistance of the free ‘CARROT Wellness’ mobile app, members of the Royal Oak community will be able to use their smartphones to participate in the inaugural “Mayor’s 50 Miles in 50 Days Walking Challenge”.

 “We’re excited that the City of Royal Oak is using CARROT for this great community program,” said Michael Antaran, Founder & CEO of CARROT Wellness. “We’re honored to be able to support our hometown.”
Mayor Michael Fournier and the Royal Oak City Commission are encouraging individuals and families to lead healthier lifestyles with the challenge that began on April 15.

"One of the things Royal Oak has in common with the most vibrant cities in the world is that it's very walkable," said Mayor Fournier. "This spring, I am asking you to 'step it up' and experience all of the exciting things Royal Oak has to offer on foot."

Once the app is downloaded from either the Apple (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) Store, participants are encouraged to sign in using either their phone number of Facebook. Users should also be sure to allow ‘Location Services’ to see the special “Royal Oak” screen where information, exclusive rewards and a “Walking Challenge Leaderboard” are available.
The “Royal Oak” screen is only visible to CARROT users in and around the City of Royal Oak.

The app can be found by searching “carrot wellness” on the app store, or follow this link:

CARROT Wellness is a mobile corporate health and wellness program that rewards participants financially for walking and meeting individualized activity goals. It was launched in January 2016 by CARROT Pass LLC of Royal Oak. 

In November 2016, CARROT was named the “Most Innovative Solution” to engage millennials with health care during the annual Crain’s Detroit Business Health Care Leadership Summit. CARROT’s first corporate wellness customers include Henry Ford Health System, Health Alliance Plan, the UAW, Oakland University and Macomb County Government.

CARROT’s proprietary algorithm allows all users – from marathon runners to manual wheelchair users – to compete equally for rewards, providing instant gratification for meeting personalized goals.


CARROT's Activity Screen

CARROT's Activity Screen

CARROT gives each participant a personalized “Activity Goal”, based on the user’s own activity history, which is updated daily. By walking and meeting personal activity goals, participants earn currencies that can be used to purchase rewards such as digital gift cards that are available right on the app.

CARROT has “gamified” health and wellness, including several fun features available to all users. With CARROT, there’s no need to purchase a fitness tracker – everything, including your steps data and rewards, is stored exclusively on your phone. The app doesn’t even have to be on or running to earn points. But if you already own a fitness tracker, CARROT accepts steps data from most popular devices including Fitbit.

More information about CARROT can be found at


CARROT Featured on Special Tech248 Podcast (Listen Here)

Irene Spanos, co-founder of Tech248 in Oakland County, interviews CARROT Wellness Founder Michael Antaran in a special Tech248 podcast. Spanos also describes some new programs for Tech248 – trying to link the 2000 tech companies in Oakland County – including a program for high school kids to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

To learn more about Tech248 and CARROT, listen to the podcast by clicking on

CARROT Reaches Global Audience with Takeda in Europe

Takeda Pharmaceuticals spanned the globe, almost literally, looking for the best solution to run a new walking program for their employees in Switzerland and Finland. Ultimately, they determined that CARROT would be the best tool to keep their staff motivated and engaged.

“We came across CARROT while looking for an app that is simple to use. From installation, to daily usage, to evaluating results, CARROT has proven to be a great choice,” said Selim Cevik, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist and Consultant, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International.

“This is not only a great program, but a great team too, that has gone out of their way to make our corporate challenge fun, engaging and successful.”

During the month-long challenge, more than 160 Takeda employees competed as small teams competing for various charities, and each used CARROT to count steps and monitor progress.  With the company pledging to donate 12,300 Swiss Francs to the charity selected by the winning team, employees competed to meet as many of their daily CARROT activity goals as possible. To help maximize engagement, participants were able to track the competition in real-time on a company-branded leaderboard.

CARROT users in the Takeda walking program competed in teams to meet as many daily CARROT activity goals as possible, with Takeda pledging 12,300 Swiss Francs to the charity selected by the winning team. Pictured is Takeda's Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist and Consultant Selim Cevik presenting the donation to SOS Kinderdorf.

CARROT users in the Takeda walking program competed in teams to meet as many daily CARROT activity goals as possible, with Takeda pledging 12,300 Swiss Francs to the charity selected by the winning team. Pictured is Takeda's Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist and Consultant Selim Cevik presenting the donation to SOS Kinderdorf.

CARROT CEO Michael Antaran met Cevik at the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) in Washington D.C. last fall.

“It really began as a casual conversation,” said Antaran. “A couple of months later, Selim contacted me about using our program. He told me he had reviewed a number of other options, but he felt nothing would be as compelling and easy to use as CARROT.”

Cevik and the staff at Takeda were extremely happy with the results.

“I always got very positive feedback about your customer service. I was very pleased with the service, too,” Cevik said. “I personally think the app was good and it was the right choice. I could solve all issues myself and I think the majority of people, too.”