Employee Benefit News

We’re in the news, even if we’re not.

It’s like looking in a mirror.

For anyone interested in corporate health and wellness, Employee Benefit News is a great source of information. And like most online publications, EBN offers a weekly update to subscribers that highlights their latest, most popular features.

A recent issue caught the collective eye of the CARROT staff. Each of the first three articles screamed “CARROT”, even if it didn’t mention us by name.

The first article dealt with how employers using “sticks” to coerce employees to participate in wellness programs were under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor. (Lesson: Employers should offer programs that appeal to employees so they choose to participate… voluntarily.)

The second story focused on an employer who has experienced huge gains in employee participation by moving its wellness program from a web-based portal to a mobile app. (Lesson: Employees will engage in wellness if it’s fun and easy to do so.)

Finally, the third story talked about the importance of an individualized approach to wellbeing and how “tailoring wellness programs to employees can boost participation and improve results”. (Lesson: One-size-fits-all programs just don’t work. Period.)

CARROT Wellness, with its “gamified” approach giving participants instant gratification for meeting personalized activity goals, is exactly what the industry is talking about – even if it isn't talking about it.







Where Most Wellness Programs Fail

Employee Benefit News has posted a very interesting article about employee wellness and why company-sponsored initiatives often fail. Perhaps most interesting are the all-too-often complaints about programs that only motivate the healthiest employees, do little to incentivize the unhealthiest staff members, miss the mark on true engagement, and make it nearly impossible to measure success.

When we developed the CARROT Health & Wellness Program, we addressed each one of these issues – they were the driving force behind our mission to get people to live healthier and more active lives.

Check out EBN’s feature and let us know what you think.