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Congrats to Macomb County's Winning Team!

Macomb County Government made the most of its first year in the CARROT program. In addition to participating in Survivor Challenges and other CARROT-sponsored contests, MCG had a spirited year-long competition on its "CARROT Leaderboard". 

The leaderboard tracks, in real time, monthly activity progress for all departments/teams in the CARROT program. One team - Corporate Counsel (pictured here) - led for exactly half the year, finishing as the monthly leader six times. The members of that team made their personal activity goals an incredible 86% of the time during the year, far outdistancing second-place Information Technology (66%) and third-place Juvenile Court (63%).

Overall, the number of Macomb County Government participants with a personal goal of 10,000 steps per day MORE THAN DOUBLED during the past 12 months. While only little more than 10% of participants began the program averaging 10k+ steps per day, approximately 25% finished the year with a personal daily goal of 10,000 steps!

Congratulations to Corporate Counsel and everyone at Macomb County Government!

Macomb County Staffers are True Survivors

Macomb County Government's very first "CARROT Survivor Challenge" was a record-breaking success.

“Survivor” is one of the many contests available to participants in a CARROT Health & Wellness program. Essentially, it’s a last-person-standing competition requiring participants to make their personalized activity goal each and every day to stay in the contest. Fall short one day and you’re eliminated.

Macomb County had a record 12 staff members still alive in the challenge when it reached its 60-day limit. The previous record for a CARROT Survivor was four finalists – and THAT was an incredible feat.

In keeping with the contest rules, a random drawing among the remaining contestants was held to determine the winner. The drawing winner was Terena Tubbs who works for the Macomb Community Action Head Start program.

Terena was a great example of the dedication demonstrated by each of the 12 finalists. When she began the challenge on March 1, Terena averaged fewer than 4,400 steps daily; she proceeded to make her personalized goal EVERY DAY for the next two months, regularly walking more than 10,000 steps daily by the end of the competition.

“At Macomb County, we were looking for a way to motivate our workforce to be more active and be able to monitor their daily activity along the way,” said Amy Lumetta, Service Partner in the Macomb County Human Resources and Labor Relations Department.  “We were able to find this with the CARROT app which also provided an added feature to reward employees after meeting their goals.”

Wanting to recognize the great effort made by each of the other finalists, Macomb County decided to award each a $5 gift card. Considering that most had accumulated more than half-a-million steps during that two-month period, the rewards were certainly well-deserved.

Congratulations to Terena and all of the finalists for their great accomplishment!

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Macomb County Launches New CARROT Program

As part of its ongoing initiative to inspire staff members to lead healthier and more active lives, Macomb County (Michigan) government has announced that it has launched its own CARROT Health & Wellness program. The program began Oct. 3 for all 2,500 county government employees.

"This program helps us promote an active and healthy lifestyle, impacting the quality of life for our employees and residents in positive ways,” said Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel. "I believe this free app will help us improve the overall health of our community."

CARROT’s patent-pending program is unique because the app creates a customized daily activity goal for each participant. Additionally, CARROT Health & Wellness features a Rewards Center on the app where employers offer exclusive incentives to its employees. 

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel with CARROT VP Mike Murray and CEO Michael Antaran.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel with CARROT VP Mike Murray and CEO Michael Antaran.

Additionally, thanks to the efforts of Macomb County Human Resources and Labor Relations, CARROT will be available to more than just county staff members. All CARROT users in Macomb County will have the opportunity to claim special rewards provided by local retailers, coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses. Macomb County businesses can participate in the program, free of charge, by offering rewards to nearby CARROT users.

“People love the app because it’s free and easy to use,” said Michael Antaran, founder and CEO of CARROT Pass LLC. “Anyone who downloads the app earns one Reward Point for each step they take, and users use these points to purchase rewards posted by local businesses. CARROT users get great rewards, and local businesses attract new customers. Everyone wins.”

Businesses interested in participating in the program should contact Amy Lumetta, Macomb County Human Resources and Labor Relations, (586) 469-7485 or

Here is a story by C&G Newspapers announcing the new program.