Soil is Fertile for Growing CARROT

It begins by weeding out the web portals, passwords and self-reporting (which is hard to do, because they seem to be everywhere!) Then once you plant them, the CARROTs do all the rest. By design, they need very little tending - and take root quickly.

CARROT's organic growth has been spectacular since the program launched in January 2016. We say "organic" because the majority of programs have been launched thanks primarily to referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. Once CARROT completes its current round of raising investment capital, growth will be highly accelerated, to say the least. 

Global growth began in January 2017 when Japan-based Takeda Pharmaceuticals launched a CARROT program for many of its European employees. Today, people in more than a dozen countries actively participate in a CARROT program, and that figure is expected to increase greatly over the next 12 months.

“We came across CARROT while looking for an app that is simple to use. From installation, to daily usage, to evaluating results, CARROT has proven to be a great choice," said Selim Cevik, a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist and Consultant to Takeda Pharmaceuticals International.

"This is not only a great program, but a great team too, that has gone out of their way to make our corporate challenge fun, engaging and successful.”

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If you're tired of programs that never quite take hold, join the rest of the world... and check out CARROT today.

Macomb County Launches New CARROT Program

As part of its ongoing initiative to inspire staff members to lead healthier and more active lives, Macomb County (Michigan) government has announced that it has launched its own CARROT Health & Wellness program. The program began Oct. 3 for all 2,500 county government employees.

"This program helps us promote an active and healthy lifestyle, impacting the quality of life for our employees and residents in positive ways,” said Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel. "I believe this free app will help us improve the overall health of our community."

CARROT’s patent-pending program is unique because the app creates a customized daily activity goal for each participant. Additionally, CARROT Health & Wellness features a Rewards Center on the app where employers offer exclusive incentives to its employees. 

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel with CARROT VP Mike Murray and CEO Michael Antaran.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel with CARROT VP Mike Murray and CEO Michael Antaran.

Additionally, thanks to the efforts of Macomb County Human Resources and Labor Relations, CARROT will be available to more than just county staff members. All CARROT users in Macomb County will have the opportunity to claim special rewards provided by local retailers, coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses. Macomb County businesses can participate in the program, free of charge, by offering rewards to nearby CARROT users.

“People love the app because it’s free and easy to use,” said Michael Antaran, founder and CEO of CARROT Pass LLC. “Anyone who downloads the app earns one Reward Point for each step they take, and users use these points to purchase rewards posted by local businesses. CARROT users get great rewards, and local businesses attract new customers. Everyone wins.”

Businesses interested in participating in the program should contact Amy Lumetta, Macomb County Human Resources and Labor Relations, (586) 469-7485 or amy.lumetta@macombgov.org.

Here is a story by C&G Newspapers announcing the new program.http://www.candgnews.com/news/county-partners-fitness-app-encourage-exercise-96566 

CARROT: A Dynamic New Health & Wellness Program

The customer, they say, is always right… so when multiple companies contacted us about the possibility of using CARROT to motivate their employees to be more active, well, we listened! And that’s why we are excited to have developed the new “CARROT Health & Wellness Program”. CH&W offers features and advantages that no other program can match.

  • PERSONALIZED:  Thanks to CARROT’s proprietary technology, activity goals are customized to the participant and updated daily. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach (which typically only engages the healthiest members of a population), CARROT’s personalized program incentivizes and benefits ALL participants!

  • INSTANT GRATIFICATION: CARROT features a company-branded Rewards Center which gives the employer the opportunity to post special offers, incentives, discounts, etc. Rewards are redeemed right on the app. (The Rewards Center would ONLY be accessible to the company’s employees!)

  • HYPER-LOCAL:  The employer can leverage the CARROT Merchant Network by inviting local businesses to support its CARROT program. Those businesses offer exclusive discounts to the employees in exchange for CARROT Reward Points. (This unique feature is free, benefitting the local economy as well as the employee population.)

  • CUSTOMIZED:  The employer is in complete control of its CARROT program with the ability to create/update/delete rewards at any time. 

  • ENGAGING: CARROT can send automated messages directly to the lock screens of participants to celebrate accomplishments and encourage continued progress. The employer also has the ability to send messages to the lock screens of participants.

CARROT can work with current wellness vendors and existing programs to help support all population wellness & employee engagement strategies. Also, because of CARROT’s mix of technologies and program strategies, purchasing wearable devices (such as pedometers or Fitbits) isn’t required. 

To learn more, check out the Health & Wellness section on our site, or click here to contact the CARROT Team.

CARROT & The Security of Wearables

Wellness programs centered on the use of wearable devices such as Fitbits should take note — hackers are looking to gain access to the personal information these devices contain. 

A recent article by Corporate Wellness Magazine highlighted a data breach compromising the sensitive personal data of Fitbit users, including data on when and where the user sleeps and exercises. Such data was acquired by hackers looking to commit warranty fraud, where the hackers "gain access to the user's account, change the user's personal information like email addresses and passwords, and then order a replacement device under the user's warranty."

CARROT works and lives entirely on the user's phone. No wearable or server required.

CARROT works and lives entirely on the user's phone. No wearable or server required.

The CARROT Health & Wellness Program doesn't require the use of wearables, and personal data is stored only on the participant's phone, not on servers. Ensuring privacy is perhaps the single most important element for the success of any wellness program. 

Where Most Wellness Programs Fail

Employee Benefit News has posted a very interesting article about employee wellness and why company-sponsored initiatives often fail. Perhaps most interesting are the all-too-often complaints about programs that only motivate the healthiest employees, do little to incentivize the unhealthiest staff members, miss the mark on true engagement, and make it nearly impossible to measure success.

When we developed the CARROT Health & Wellness Program, we addressed each one of these issues – they were the driving force behind our mission to get people to live healthier and more active lives.

Check out EBN’s feature and let us know what you think.


Michigan Mobile Musing Podcast



Today - #MSUvsMICH, I really enjoyed a great podcast with Melissa Birnie form MTAM and the Michigan Mobile Musing Podcast.  We talked about the CARROT in New York City with Michael Bloomberg and CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blackfein, the hiring process at Marvel Apps, the 400+ merchants in Michigan that have CARROT, how the IoT - Internet of Things are changing the behavior of health, and much much more.