CARROT for Community Health & Wellness

When it comes to community health and wellness, there isn’t a more simple, engaging and measurable program than CARROT.

CARROT is great solution for hospitals, health systems, public health departments, and any other non-profit organization looking for an affordable, easy-to-manage initiative to address a variety of community health needs.

Participants in the program earn “virtual currencies” for walking, for meeting individual activity goals, and for participating in other wellness initiatives – and they use those currencies to purchase exclusive rewards, including digital gift cards and incentives offered by local businesses. Through CARROT, the program sponsor has the ability to promote (and reward community members for participating in) any number of wellness-related activities.

CARROT’s gamified approach results in unparrallelled engagement by community members, including the most sedentary, at-risk individuals who seldom participate in wellness initiatives. Just as importantly, the program is simple to run and affordably priced (about 50% off standard pricing) so that virtually any non-profit organization can introduce CARROT to its community.

To experience CARROT’s capabilities first-hand, we invite you to launch a free 30-day trial of the CARROT corporate health and wellness program. (If you enjoy the trial, we can convert your trial into a specially-branded community wellness program for you.)

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“Our walking program with CARROT is a good fit in addressing health priorities identified by our Community Health Needs Assessments – obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The program encourages participants to take steps for a healthier future.”

Betty Priskorn
Vice President, Community Health Outreach
Beaumont Health

CARROT's Community Health Advantages:

  • CARROT’s “set-it-and-forget-it” program requires few resources to run – the CARROT A.I. generates reward recommendations, digital rewards eliminate fulfillment, and everything is managed through the mobile app.

  • Community members receive your messages promoting your events and healthy initiatives (i.e. healthy cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, financial planning seminars, community fun runs, bicycling events). Participants can even be rewarded through the mobile app for attending these events!

  • You receive contact information of all participants who opt-in to your program.

  • Ongoing analytics allow you to effectively measure and monitor the success of your program. You'll be provided with critical data for annual CHNA reporting.

  • Local businesses and other sponsors can support your program by offering incentives to participants. (There’s no charge to these businesses – their only obligation is to honor the rewards they provide.)

  • CARROT offers your community a program that is entirely mobile – no web portals, passwords or paperwork needed.

  • Thanks to CARROT’s personalized activity goals and instant gratification, participation and engagement are maximized, allowing your program to grow organically.

  • Community members can participate in team & individual walking challenges and compete in a variety of contests, all managed by CARROT.

  • Your program is live 24/7/365 – and if desired, can be restricted to specific individuals, targeted geographical areas, etc.

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“We firmly believe CARROT is an effective tool in helping any organization effectively reach the entire community, including those who do not typically take part in wellness initiatives.”

Michael Antaran
Founder and CEO
CARROT Health & Wellness

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