Is your employer offering a CARROT Health & Wellness program? Are you participating? Well, if you’re not… you should!  Here (with apologies to David Letterman) are our...



10) There are NO reporting requirements and no paperwork to complete.

9) Your personal information is always kept private and not shared on servers.

8) The program is truly dynamic – your employer can add new rewards at any time.

7) The special incentives you earn, such as gift cards, are redeemed right on the app.

6) You can still take advantage of offers from local businesses through the CARROT Merchant Network.

5) You can redeem rewards anywhere, any time.

4) Two words: It’s free!

3) Rather than having to meet an arbitrary goal (like 10,000 steps), you’re rewarded with a GOAL COIN (which you can redeem for your employer’s incentives) each time you meet your own personalized steps goal.

2) The ENTIRE program takes place right through the app on your phone.

1) It’s fun to get rewarded financially just for walking!


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