Henry Ford West Bloomfield CARROT Program

Here is information designed to assist all participants in Henry Ford West Bloomfield’s CARROT Program. If you have addition questions not answered on this page, please send them to us HERE.

The 5 W’s

What: The CARROT Health & Wellness Program
Who: Open, at no cost, to all Henry Ford West Bloomfield staff members
Where: Piloting exclusively at Henry Ford West Bloomfield
When: Beginning February 1, 2016, program length will be a minimum of three months
Why: Because it’s important to be physically active, and it’s fun to be rewarded for doing so!

How the Program Works…

Beginning February 1, every member of the Henry Ford West Bloomfield staff will have the opportunity to participate in “CARROT Health & Wellness”, a free program that rewards people financially for activities such as walking, running and climbing stairs. We’d like EVERYONE to participate in this fun, new program!

To participate, you’ll need a) your HFHS email address and b) a smart phone capable of operating CARROT. (See phone specs in “FAQ’s” below.)

Here's How You Participate:

(1) Download the free app from the Apple or Google Play store (search “carrot pass”) and login.  
You can login either anonymously or through Facebook. In either case, your information is private and is not shared on CARROT servers.

(2) After walking at least once to Henry’s Café, open the app and register your HFWB email address under the “Settings” menu. 
“SETTINGS” can be found by tapping on the “burger menu” in the top-left corner of the app.
Under “SETTINGS”, simply tap on the “JOIN WELLNESS” button.
Walking to the Café will ensure that the app will connect with a CARROT beacon, linking your phone with this exclusive program.

(3) Begin walking and earning GOAL COINS for meeting your personalized daily activity goal. 
You will receive one GOAL COIN each time you reach your daily activity goal.

(4) Redeem your GOAL COINS for great rewards that are available right on the app!
Under the “HFHS” tab, there will be a list – which will frequently change – of rewards that will be available to you.
Please note that many rewards will be limited in number… all the more reason to begin making progress right away



Q: Where did CARROT come from?
CARROT is a new Fitness Rewards app developed right here in Michigan.

Q: What’s so different about CARROT?
CARROT provides each participant with a personalized activity goal – your goal is updated daily based on YOUR activity history.

Q: Having my own goal is great… but why else should I participate?
CARROT is a free program and gives you special rewards (such as gift cards) for meeting your personal activity goals.

Q: How exactly am I rewarded?
You receive one GOAL COIN each time you meet your daily activity goals.

Q: Oh, so I can earn one GOAL COIN each day?

Q: How many GOAL COINS are needed to earn a reward?
That number depends on the value of the reward. Some rewards require as few as five GOAL COINS, while more valuable rewards require more. The exact number of GOAL COINS needed is listed on the app with each reward.

Q: Where do I get my rewards?
All rewards are available directly on the CARROT app in a special section that is available ONLY to Henry Ford West Bloomfield staff members. (It’s the tab labeled “HFHS”!)

Q: But what about those CARROT Reward Points? Are those different from GOAL COINS?
Yes, CARROT gives you one Reward Point for each step you take. Local businesses have registered with CARROT to redeem those Reward Points for special discounts.

Q: Which businesses can I visit to redeem my CARROT Reward Points?
Well, that’s sort of up to you. The “MAPS” feature on the CARROT app provides a list of local businesses – request that your favorite businesses begin offering CARROT discounts by 1) selecting your favorite business and then 2) tapping the “Request Merchant” button.

Q: So if I request, they will become a CARROT merchant?
We sure hope so…  You see, that’s where the process starts. The CARROT staff will approach requested businesses and give them the opportunity to extend exclusive offers to you and your co-workers.

Q: Will I be able to use CARROT on my smartphone?
The vast majority of iPhones and Android models are supported:

FOR iPHONE:  iOS 8.1 and above is needed to gather CARROT Reward Points.  iOS 7.1.2 and above is needed to receive relevant store messages on your lock screen. CARROT is supported on iPhone 4s and above.

FOR ANDROID:  To earn CARROT Reward Points for walking, your phone must have Lollipop 5.x and above operating system. Android devices supported include the Samsung Galaxy S4 and above; HTC One M7 and above; Motorola Moto X and above.

Q: Can I use CARROT on my tablet?
For CARROT users looking to earn rewards for walking, the short answer is ‘no’. Tablets only work for the purpose of creating and redeeming CARROT offers by registered businesses.

Q: How well protected is my personal information, such as my steps data, on CARROT?
CARROT is private – your personal activity data is ONLY stored on your phone and is NOT shared with servers. The administrators of this program will receive aggregated steps data (from the entire population of users, but not individual user data) to help monitor the overall effectiveness of the CARROT program. Your privacy is secure with CARROT!

Q: Will using a Fitbit help me earn CARROT rewards?You do not need to purchase any wearable devices to participate – you only need a smart phone (but if you do own a Fitbit or similar device, CARROT can accept that data).

Do you have an additional question about CARROT? Contact us here!