Targeted. Mobile. Free.

For businesses looking to reach new customers, there’s no program quite like CARROT. 

Thousands of consumers – including those participating in a CARROT Health & Wellness program – have downloaded the free CARROT Wellness app, earning one Reward Point for each step they take. Now they’re looking to purchase great rewards with the points they’ve earned. 

Make YOUR business the destination they choose. It’s easy, and for a limited time, it’s FREE!

CARROT is a one-of-a-kind mobile marketing tool for today’s businesses:

  • It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use,
  • CARROT reaches consumers in a personal, meaningful way,
  • Its unique platform allows businesses to control the value and number of rewards, and
  • CARROT allows businesses to target specific audiences.

Perhaps most importantly, using CARROT to advertise your business is currently FREE! Unlike other marketing programs such as Groupon, there is no minimum requirement – and you keep 100% of the sales generated by your offer. Businesses pay no fee to post rewards on CARROT; their only commitment is to honor the rewards they offer.

To post your business’ rewards on CARROT, simply complete our online Merchant Reward Submission Form.

Offering rewards for healthy behaviors sends a strong message about how you value your customers. Take advantage of this tremendous, free opportunity – post your reward on CARROT today!