What is CARROT?

CARROT is an app that allows merchants to connect directly and immediately with the customers most likely to buy their products or services, at the very moment they are ready to buy. It is truly the next generation of local marketing.

How does CARROT work?

CARROT combines the strength of Apple’s Passbook, HealthKit and iBeacon technology with the reach of Facebook to create an innovative savings experience for shoppers. Once downloaded onto an iPhone or iPod Touch, people receive real-time notifications of relevant offers on their lock screen once they come within 200 feet of a CARROT-registered business.

What is iBeacon technology? Why do I need a beacon?

Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit information to the lock screens of iPhones and iPods with the CARROT app once the user is within 200 feet of a beacon. Because beacons are used, it is not necessary for customers to utilize GPS (which requires significantly more battery life). CARROT beacons are programmed specifically for the CARROT app and cannot be utilized for any other purpose. Beacons are available to merchants through CARROTpass.com.

As a CARROT merchant, how do I decide what to offer customers?

Because of the dynamic, real-time nature of CARROT, we encourage businesses to provide offers that reflect either a) the current needs of their customers or b) the merchant’s current inventory. On February 10th, for example, try to provide an offer for Valentine’s Day shoppers. Or if you suddenly find yourself overstocked with a particular product, entice shoppers with a significant discount (perhaps a “Buy One, Get One Free” offer) for a limited time. Remember, you can create and void offers in real-time – so use this feature to your benefit!

What is a good offer?

To most effectively use CARROT, it is recommended that merchants provide an offer that is exclusive to CARROT users. This not only encourages participation in the CARROT program, but also makes it even easier to measure the success of your CARROT campaigns.
Typically, CARROT merchants post offers such as:
-Save X% off purchase of X$ or more
-Save X$ off purchase of X$ or more
-Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)
-Buy One, Get 2nd half off
-Save X% off [Item]
-Buy [Item], Get [Different Item] Free

How do I set up an offer?

It’s easy to set up a CARROT offer for your customers – please watch the tutorial with simple step-by-step instructions.

How much time does it take to set up an offer?

It takes only about 2-3 minutes to post a new offer through the merchant dashboard.

I want my new offer to be the “live offer” on people’s phones – how do I do that? Do I need to delete the previous offer?

Each time you post a new offer, you have the opportunity to designate which of your current offers will be designated as your “primary” message. Please watch the tutorial with simple step-by-step instructions.

How important is it that I always have a live offer?

Years ago, merchants would hire someone to wear a “sandwich board” sign and stand in front of their business to attract customers. CARROT is the modern-day equivalent, and having a blank sandwich board is a missed opportunity to drive traffic into your business. With CARROT, you have the ability to post unlimited offers at no additional cost – take advantage of that opportunity, and alert people that you have a CARROT offer.

Can I limit how many times a customer can redeem a coupon?

Yes. When setting up a new offer on the merchant dashboard, simply select how many times a customers may be allowed to redeem a coupon for that particular offer. Watch this tutorial to see exactly how to do this.


What is the CARROT Rewards Program?

The Rewards Program awards reward points to CARROT shoppers for activities such as walking, biking, climbing stairs, and visiting CARROT merchants. (Technically, it taps into Apple’s Healthkit feature to reward CARROT users for being active.)

How do people earn points?

People with the CARROT app receive one point for every step they take, up to a maximum of 10,000 per day. They also receive 5,000 points for visiting a CARROT business for the first time (the CARROT app doesn’t even have to be open for them to accumulate these points). They are rewarded with 1,000 additional points for each subsequent visit to that business. In addition, people who sign-in with Facebook receive a one-time bonus of 10,000 points.

Why would I want to redeem points?

Redeeming CARROT points is one more way merchants can drive both new and loyal customers into their business. Using the maps feature, CARROT users have the ability to identify which nearby businesses are actively participating in the Rewards Program and currently have an offer that costs reward points. These shoppers will go out of their way to visit a business that allows them to use the points they’ve accumulated.

How do I value points when creating an offer? What are points worth?

We recommend providing at least $1 in value for each 10,000 points redeemed, but CARROT merchants have the ability to place whatever value they deem appropriate. However, keep in mind that if customers feel they are not receiving enough value for their points, they will likely choose to redeem them elsewhere; so, it’s wise to actively participate in the Rewards Program and bring new customers through your doors.
Here are some examples of rewards offers:
-Buy one coffee, get one free (for 10,000 points)
-Free soft drink with any purchase (for 20,000 points)
-Get $3 off any $10+ purchase (for 30,000 points)
-Free soup with sandwich purchase (for 30,000 points)
-Buy burger, Get 2nd half-off (for 40,000 points)
-Get $5 off purchase of $20 or more (for 50,000 points)

How do I redeem points?

Redeeming a rewards offer is the same as any other offer. Once you scan the customer’s coupon, the points will automatically be deducted from the customer’s account (and added to the counter on your device). This is one additional way to measure and track the effectiveness of your CARROT rewards program.

What’s the difference between a merchant’s offer and a Rewards Program offer?

The only difference is that a rewards offer (one in which the redemption of points is required) will deduct the appropriate number of points from the customer’s account during the transaction. Keep in mind that, if the customer does not have the required number of points in their account, you will instantly be alerted and the transaction will be rejected by your device – the coupon will not be redeemed.

When should an offer expire? How long should a deal last?

You have the ability to set the exact time and day each offer should expire. Some offers will last for as little as a single day; others can be good for up to one year. Just remember that there should always be at least one active offer available to CARROT customers.


What is a “loyal customer”?

A loyal customer is one who has redeemed at least one previous coupon at your place of business. They also have to have visited your business at least five times.

How do I know if a loyal customer is in my shop?

When a loyal customer is within range of your beacon, it will be noted on the merchant dashboard of your device. In fact, the exact number of loyal customers within range will always be noted on the dashboard.

Can I identify, by name, each loyal customer specifically?

Because CARROT protects the privacy of all users, the exact identity of the loyal customer is never revealed to merchants. But you, as a CARROT merchant, have the ability to send a unique message or offer to loyal customers through the dashboard. Simply tap the customer icon and follow the instructions. (Using this method, you also have the ability to send messages to just non-loyal customers or to ALL customers within range of your beacon.)

Why is it important to scan the customer’s coupon? Can’t I give them the discount/offer without actually redeeming the coupon?

Scanning the customer’s device is important for a number of reasons. 1) It allows you to identify that CARROT user as a “loyal customer”, and you will have the ability to message them directly when they visit your business in the future. 2) One of the strengths of CARROT is its ability to provide business owners with critical customer analytics – but if coupons are not scanned, the overall accuracy of this data is greatly diminished. Yes, it is at the merchant’s discretion to honor deals without actually scanning a coupon, but it is truly in YOUR BEST INTEREST to scan each and every coupon being redeemed.

How do I message a loyal customer?

Simply tap the customer icon on your merchant dashboard and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that, although you can’t identify individual users who are within range of your beacon, you do have the ability to send messages directly to a) loyal customers, b) new customers, and c) ALL customers who are within range of your beacon.


Why is CARROT only for Apple users? Why not Android?

CARROT was developed to take advantage of new and emerging technologies that uniquely and effectively connect customers with small businesses – it was designed with the future in mind. Apple’s technologies current support CARROT, and we anticipate that advancements in Android technology will allow the vast majority of smart phone users to utilize CARROT in the very near future.

How can this be useful as a marketing tool if it doesn’t work for Android?

Because CARROT allows merchants to post all offers seamlessly to their social networking pages (i.e. Facebook, Twitter), ALL customers and potential customers – even those without smart phones – will be exposed to the offers you provide through CARROT. It will alert people that you are using the latest technology to create special offers for your customers, and you will be encouraging people to download CARROT to take advantage of the offers you provide. (Ultimately, more downloads means more people who will be exposed to your messages!)

I don’t have an iPad or iPhone – how can I use CARROT?

While CARROT is not yet available to customers who use Android phones, a special version of CARROT has been developed to allow merchants to utilize CARROT on a variety of Android devices, including Kindle Fire. If you have specific questions about a particular device, please contact your CARROT Rep, or contact us here.


How do I know if CARROT is working well for me? How can I measure its success?

All CARROT merchants have the ability to receive a daily analytics update, sent by email, to track the effectiveness of their program. (If you are not currently receiving these emails, please notify us.) In these reports, you will receive data that allows you to measure, among other things, the number of CARROT customers who were within range of your beacon, how many coupons were redeemed, how many loyal customers returned, and how many unredeemed bonus points (potential customers) are within in your market area.


How do I let customers know about CARROT?

As a CARROT merchant, it’s definitely in your best interest to encourage people to download the app. The Merchant Resource Center at CARROTpass.com contains a number of tools to assist businesses with promoting downloads. You’ll find a number of Facebook and Twitter messages that you can instantly post that help explain your participation in CARROT. You’ll also find flyers and brochures that can be downloaded and printed to promote CARROT. We’ve also included digital images that can be used for ads, emails, and social media posts.

How do I get customers to download the app?

First and foremost, it’s important for everyone to know that CARROT is FREE for consumers. CARROT allows consumers to receive exclusive, real-time offers from local merchants, and it also allows them to earn and redeem bonus points for being active. CARROT is easy-to-use and unobtrusive, and their privacy is always protected.

What if customers worry about their privacy being protected?

The issue of personal privacy and security was of the utmost importance during the development of CARROT. Personal information is protected at all times – it is never shared with merchants or third parties. And in providing their approval of CARROT, we’re proud to say that both Apple and Facebook recognized the steps that were taken to ensure that the personal information of all CARROT users is protected.

How does CARROT help me reach customers who are outside the range of my beacon?

CARROT allows merchants to post all offers seamlessly to their Facebook and Twitter pages, meaning all customers and potential customers will be exposed to the offers you provide through CARROT – even if they are miles away from the range of your beacon. In addition, thanks to CARROT’s map feature, consumers located anywhere will be aware of your participation in the Rewards Program, encouraging them to visit your business as and redeem reward points for great deals.

How is CARROT better than Groupon, Four Square (Swarm), Living Social, Shopkick, Perka, or Belly? Why should I use CARROT to reach customers rather than Entertainment Book, Facebook ads, pay-per-click marketing, direct mail, or print advertising?

At an incredibly affordable cost, CARROT provides a savings experience for shoppers and marketing opportunities for merchants that other programs can’t match. In fact, with its patent-pending blend of technologies, we can truly say that there’s no program quite like CARROT!
For consumers, CARROT is truly user-friendly:
-It is FREE for consumers
-It is unobtrusive (no more than one message will appear on the user’s lockscreen)
-It’s easy to use
-It provides financial rewards for being active
-It does not require that they “pre-purchase” an item to save money
-There’s no need to clip (and remember) coupons
-It completely protects their privacy

CARROT is also the essential marketing tool for today’s small businesses:
-It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use
-It reaches consumers at the very moment they are ready to shop
-It provides merchants the ability post unlimited offers
-It gives merchants the chance to directly message loyal customers
-Its analytics help drive the success of your program
-It allows merchants to seamlessly integrate their CARROT offers with social networking sites
-It provides all this FOR JUST $2 A DAY!
Having an effective mix of advertising programs is crucial to the success and growth of any business – CARROT should be the FIRST marketing investment you make each month. (And at just $60 monthly, CARROT will be your least expensive and most cost-effective marketing tool.)

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