Common questions we get from business owners...

Q: What is CARROT?

CARROT Wellness is a free app that allows merchants to connect directly with customers by rewarding them for being active. It is truly the next generation of local marketing.

Q: How does CARROT work?

CARROT combines a variety of technologies to create an innovative experience for consumers. Essentially, CARROT users are rewarded for being active by receiving a Reward Point for each step they take. CARROT merchants have the ability to offer rewards in exchange for those Reward Points

Q: As a CARROT merchant, how do I decide what to offer customers?

Because of the nature of CARROT's program, we encourage businesses to provide "healthy" offers that would be appropriate rewards for people who are meeting activity goals.

Q: What is a good offer?

Most times, merchants will provide a gift card that can be used for any of your business' products or services. But a product-specific reward (cup of coffee, salad, financial analysis, manicure, etc.) are also popular among CARROT users. These can be in the form of free, 50% off, buy-one-get-one, etc.

Q: How do I set up an offer?

It's easy to set up a CARROT offer for your customers. Simple tap/click here and enter your offer.

Q: Can I limit how many times a customer can redeem a coupon?

Unless you specify otherwise, users will be limited to just one reward.

Q: How do I "price" my reward (in terms of CARROT Reward Points)?

You don't have to worry about assigning a price - CARROT's logic will determine an appropriate price based on many factors (value of the reward, number of nearby CARROT users, participation rate, etc.)

Q: How do I redeem Reward Points?

If you are offering gift cards and can provide us with serialized codes, CARROT can send your rewards digitally to the people who have purchased your reward. If you are offering a physical good that needs to be sent to the purchaser, CARROT can handle fulfillment for you. Many other rewards (particularly services) can simply require that the purchaser provide you with a copy of their email confirmation from CARROT.

Q: How do I know that my rewards have been purchased?

You will be sent a copy of the email confirmation that each purchaser receives from CARROT.

Q: When should an offer expire?

In the "Notes" section of the Merchant Submission Form, please let us know if there are any specific limitations to your reward offer. The more limitations there are to an offer, the greater chance there is of your submission being rejected by our review staff.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?

Once your reward submission is received, our review staff will put together your offer within 48 hours. If they have any concerns or questions, you will be contacted. At its own discretion, CARROT does reserve the right to reject any reward offers it does not deem appropriate for our CARROT users.


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