CARROT has changed the role smart phones play in incentivizing people to lead more active lifestyles. Essentially, CARROT rewards you financially for walking and meeting personal activity goals!

CARROT WELLNESS is a free app that gives you one Reward Point for each step you take. Reward Points are redeemable for on-app specials and at CARROT-registered businesses for exclusive offers and discounts – rewards earned simply for walking, running and climbing stairs!  

How CARROT Works

1) Walk to Earn Points

2) Redeem Points for Special Rewards


3) Repeat


Through the app’s “MAPS” feature, you can request that your favorite businesses join the CARROT Network (helping CARROT grow “organically” while giving you the best possible local options!)


CARROT will also give you your own personalized “Activity Goal”, based on your own activity history, and is updated daily. Participants in a CARROT Health & Wellness Program earn one Goal Coin each day they meet their personal activity goal.  Push yourself to walk just a little bit further each day… and then reap the rewards!

Have an app link texted to your phone!

CARROT for Wellness

Would you like your employer to offer CARROT as a great new wellness program to you and your coworkers? Imagine receiving company-sponsored rewards such as gift cards – available directly through the app – just for meeting your daily goals!

If you’d like us to follow up with your employer, please submit the info below (and if your employer adopts CARROT as a result, we’ll send you a $250 gift card!)