There's Nothing Quite Like CARROT

CARROT has changed the role smart phones play in incentivizing people to lead more active lifestyles. Essentially, CARROT rewards you financially for walking and meeting individualized activity goals!

CARROT WELLNESS is a free app that gives all users one Reward Point for each step taken. Reward Points can be used to play games, compete in challenges and purchase special rewards that are available right on the app!

Participants in a CARROT Health & Wellness program can also compete in company-sponsored contests, contribute to the team leaderboard, and earn exclusive rewards provided by the employer. 

How CARROT Works

1) Walk to Earn Points

2) Redeem Points for Special Rewards


3) Repeat


A Truly Personalized Program

The free CARROT Wellness mobile app gives you your own personalized “Activity Goal”, based solely on your own activity history, which updates daily.

All CARROT users earn one yellow Reward Point for each step they take. Participants in a CARROT Health & Wellness Program also earn one green Goal Coin each day they meet their personal activity goal.

Push yourself to walk just a little bit further each day… and then reap the rewards by using your "CARROT Currencies" to compete in challenges, enter contests and purchase digital gift cards that are available right on the app!


Have the CARROT Wellness app link texted to your phone!

Questions about CARROT?

Learn more about the CARROT Wellness app through our FAQ's page. If you have any additional questions, you can always reach our team at