If you’re looking for a measurable, cost-effective program that truly engages ALL members of your team, it’s time to turn to CARROT!

CARROT is a mobile health and wellness program that uses personalized goals and instant gratification to motivate people to live more active lifestyles. CARROT’s individualized, “gamified” approach is truly disruptive in the health and wellness industry, particularly when it comes to engagement.

CARROT leads each participant, subtly and incrementally, to adopt a healthy habit of increased movement.  The app looks at each participant’s activity history to provide an individualized goal that updates daily to keep the user engaged. CARROT’s individualized goals level the playing field, making it possible for the most sedentary staff member to compete equally with a marathon runner for rewards. 

Participants earn virtual currencies that can be used to participate in challenges, compete in contests, contribute to team leader boards, and purchase rewards that are available right on the app.

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Here’s how the CARROT Health & Wellness Program works:

1. Employees download the free CARROT Wellness app and join the employer's program by entering their work email address under the "Join Wellness" tab.

2. Participants begin earning CARROT Goal Coins for meeting their personalized activity goals (which update each day).

3. Employees use their Goal Coins to purchase their employer's exclusive rewards on their company-branded “Rewards Center” on the CARROT app.

4. Engagement is maximized with CARROT Survivor Challenges, "unlockable" rewards, CARROT Contests, Team Leaderboards, and other rewards available to all users.

5. Adoption is streamlined as employees are rewarded for sharing the CARROT app with co-workers -- program growth is viral!

6. CARROT sends daily messages of encouragement to the lock screens of participants to celebrate accomplishments and encourage continued progress (opt-in feature).

7. Employer has the option to utilize CARROT to promote (and reward employees for participation in) other wellness initiatives.

8. Through a secure portal, employer monitors the ongoing success of its program in real time.

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Visit our "Features" page for more detailed info about the CARROT program.  If you have additional questions, please contact us today. Let us show you how CARROT can provide you with a dynamic, cost-effective program that truly incentivizes healthy behaviors!