Does your company use sticks, rather than CARROTS, to promote health and wellness? 

Do you think purchasing costly health club memberships and wearable trackers, such as Fitbits, are the only options to motivate your staff to be more active?

If you’re looking for a measurable, cost-effective program that truly engages ALL members of your team, it’s time to turn to CARROT!

CARROT Health & Wellness is an entirely new type of population health and wellness program. Without having to purchase fitness trackers, CARROT gives employers a mobile tool to motivate its workforce to be more active to lose weight, improve overall fitness, reduce healthcare costs, and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

CARROT’s proprietary program provides customized goals to individual participants, maximizing engagement. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach which typically only motivates the healthiest members of a population, CARROT’s individualized program incentivizes and benefits ALL participants. 

CARROT’s personalized approach is designed to motivate even the most sedentary members of your team. Employees are rewarded, not for meeting arbitrarily-defined standards, but for achieving meaningful, personalized goals.  From marathon runners and weekend warriors to manual wheelchair users, CARROT is an inclusive, mobile program like no other!

Activity screen on phone.png

Here’s how the CARROT Health & Wellness Program works:

1. Employees download the CARROT Wellness app and join the employer's program by entering their work email address under the "Join Wellness" tab.

2. Participants begin earning CARROT Goal Coins for meeting their personalized activity goals (which update each day).

    3. Employees use their Goal Coins to purchase their employer's exclusive rewards on their company-branded “Rewards Center” on the CARROT app.

    4. Engagement is maximized with CARROT Survivor Challenges, "unlockable" rewards, CARROT Contests, Team Leaderboards, and rewards provided by other nearby merchants.

    5. Adoption is streamlined as employees are rewarded with bonus Reward Points for sharing the CARROT app with co-workers -- program growth is viral!

    6. CARROT sends daily messages of encouragement to the lock screens of participants to further incentivize participation (opt-in feature for participants).

    7. The employer receives aggregated activity data to monitor the ongoing success of its program.

    CARROT Health & Wellness:  A Truly Superior Program!

    Participants strive to achieve individual daily goals based on their activity history.

    CARROT offers an effective mobile tool to promote and reward participation in other wellness initiatives.

    Entire program (including reward fulfillment) is managed through the app, streamlining HR activities.

    CARROT's instant gratification and "games within the game" keep participation high 7-days-a-week.

    Ability to provide positive, low-cost “carrots” from both the employer and local businesses.

    Continuous, year-round program benefits to drive true healthy behaviors.

    Custom analytics make it easy to track participation, engagement and outcomes.


    Is your work force is as fit, happy, motivated and healthy as possible? Are you absolutely certain your current employee wellness initiatives are worthwhile and cost-effective? Are your current programs motivating ALL of your employees – including the most sedentary members of your team?

    If not, please contact us today. Let us show you how CARROT can provide you with a dynamic, cost-effective program that truly incentivized healthy behaviors.