Here are answers to some FAQ’s that may help you to better understand the many advantages of the CARROT Health & Wellness program.

Q: How do I get CARROT onto my iPhone?

1) Download the free CARROT Wellness app

On the Apple App Store, search for “carrot wellness”.

2) Open CARROT

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to do a few things:

3) Login

Login using your PHONE NUMBER (recommended) or Facebook -- do not sign in as a Guest. CAUTION: Guest users can not join a CARROT Wellness program.

4) Allow Steps Data

Be sure to allow CARROT to access your steps data through Apple Health.

5) Allow Location Services

This will allow you to see all nearby rewards available to you.

Q: How do I get CARROT onto my Android?

1) Download the free CARROT Wellness app

On the Google Play Store, search for “carrot wellness”.

2) Open CARROT

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to do a few things:

3) Login

Login using your PHONE NUMBER (recommended) or Facebook -- do not sign in as a Guest. CAUTION: Guest users can not join a CARROT Wellness program.

4) Link a Google Account

When prompted, please select a valid Google account (typically a Gmail address) so CARROT will be able to access your steps data in GoogleFit.

Q: What is CARROT Health & Wellness?

CARROT Health & Wellness is a corporate health and wellness program that rewards employees financially for walking and meeting personalized activity goals.

Q: What's so special about CARROT's Health & Wellness program?

CARROT is a new, one-of-a-kind program that uses the latest in mobile technology to encourage people to be more active. Some unique features of the CARROT program:

  • CARROT gives each participant a personalized activity goal that updates each day. CARROT’s parent-pending algorithm creates this personal goal based on the participant’s own activity history.
  • Participants receive one Goal Coin each day they meet their personal goal – and these Goal Coins can be used to purchase exclusive rewards that are available right on the app.
  • At the same time, CARROT gives participants one Reward Point for each step taken. This second “CARROT Currency” allow participants to receive special offers and discounts that are available on the app as well as at local participating merchants.

Q: Is CARROT easier to use than most wellness programs?

Absolutely. There are NO reporting requirements and NO paperwork to fill out. Everything – including monitoring goals, tracking activity progress and claiming rewards – is done solely on the participant’s phone, so it is extremely simple (and fun) to use.

Q: What are other benefits to using CARROT's Health & Wellness program?

First and foremost, CARROT has demonstrated itself to be an extremely effective tool to help motivate people to walk just a bit more each day. Second, CARROT’s program is private and personal. Everything is done solely through the app on the participant’s phone (not on a cloud), and personal data is not shared with anyone. Participants get to choose the rewards they want, when they want them.

Q: How do I join CARROT Health & Wellness?

Follow these steps to join your program.

Tap on the menu button (upper-left corner of the app screen) and go to “SETTINGS”.

Tap on the “Join Wellness” button, then enter your company (not personal) email address.

3) Find Link in Verification Email
Go to your email inbox and open the email from CARROT Wellness. This email will contain a link that you must click/tap to verify that you are a member of your staff.

That’s all you need to do… you are now fully enrolled in a CARROT Health & Wellness Program!

Q: Where did CARROT come from?

CARROT is a new Health, Wellness and Fitness Rewards program developed in metro Detroit, Michigan.

Q: What's so different about CARROT?

CARROT provides each participant with a personalized activity goal – your goal is updated daily based on YOUR activity history.

Q: Having personalized activity goals is great… but why else would an employee choose to participate?

CARROT is free for staff members and gives employees convenient, special rewards (such as gift cards) for meeting these personalized goals. CARROT's program also includes contests, "unlockable" rewards, and CARROT Survivor Challenges. When it comes to fun and instant gratification for participants, nothing beats CARROT!

Q: How exactly are employees rewarded?

Participants receive one GOAL COIN each day they meet their personal activity goal.

Q: Oh, so they can earn one GOAL COIN each day?


Q: How many GOAL COINS are needed to earn a reward?

That number depends on the value of the reward. Some rewards require as few as five GOAL COINS, while more valuable rewards require many more. The exact number of GOAL COINS needed is listed on the app with each reward. CARROT's patent-pending logic establishes the value of each reward.

Q: Where do employees get their rewards?

All employer-sponsored rewards are available directly on the CARROT app in a special section that is available ONLY to the company’s staff members.

Q: But what about those CARROT Reward Points? Are those different from GOAL COINS?

Yes, CARROT gives participants one Reward Point for each step they take. As part of the CARROT Health & Wellness program, employers can identify local businesses they would like to invite to participate in the program. These local businesses would create offers based on Reward Points. The CARROT Wellness app also includes areas where there are additional rewards, based on Rewards Points, that are available to all users.

Q: What kind of smartphone is needed for an employee to use CARROT?

The vast majority of iPhones and Android models are supported:

FOR iPHONE: iOS 8.1 and above is needed to gather CARROT Reward Points. CARROT is supported on iPhone 4s and above. CARROT Reward Points can be earned on iPhone 5s and above; Earlier versions of iPhone need the use of a fitness tracker or third-party steps app (such as Pacer) to count steps.

FOR ANDROID: To earn CARROT Reward Points for walking, your phone must have KitKat 4.4.x and above operating system. Android devices supported include the Samsung Galaxy S4 and above; HTC One M7 and above; Motorola Moto X and above.

Q: How well protected is personal information, such as steps data, on CARROT?

CARROT is private – the participant’s preferences are ONLY stored on the user’s phone and are not shared with servers. The administrators of the program will receive aggregated steps data (from the entire population of participants, but not individual user data) to monitor the overall effectiveness of the CARROT program.


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