For companies wanting a mobile solution that has the ability to motivate and engage ALL staff members, look no further than CARROT Health & Wellness.


A Truly "Personalized" Program
CARROT’s proprietary program provides customized goals to individual participants, helping to maximize engagement. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach (which typically only engages the healthiest members of a population), CARROT’s individualized program incentivizes and benefits ALL participants.

  • CARROT features an "Activity Area" where participants will find their personal activity goals and their activity history.

  • This is patent-pending technology in which goals are customized to the participant, based on each individual's personal activity history.

  • This feature is designed to effectively motivate all employees, regardless of normal levels of activity.

  • No single "carrot" motivates everyone -- and that's why the app always features a variety of great rewards and games.


Your Rewards Center

The CARROT Health & Wellness Program features a company-branded Rewards Center which gives the employer the opportunity to post exclusive rewards.  The Rewards Center is controlled by the employer and is ONLY accessible to those approved by the company.

  • Offers can come directly from the employer, or they may also be provided through the company’s vendors, business partners and other local merchants.

  • Employer has the ability to approve all offers provided by local merchants before they can be posted to the Rewards Center.

  • Program goals and/or incentives can be established at an individual level and adjusted monthly.

  • The Reward Center is an ideal platform to promote other company initiatives, and it can be used to reward employees for participating in other wellness programs (health coaching, yoga classes, webinars, etc.)


Because Wellness Should Be Fun!

CARROT connects with participants in a unique way, because it reaches them through mobile technology -- and mobile is, at its essence, personal and fun.

  • Participants get to choose the rewards they want, when they want them.

  • Employees have the option to compete in CARROT Contests, including "SURVIVOR Challenges".

  • Features such as "unlockable" rewards and team leaderboards keep participants engaged.

  • Through the "Refer & Earn" feature, participants can get extra Reward Points just for sharing CARROT with their friends and co-workers.

  • With CARROT, there are no passwords to remember, no web portals to log in to, and there's no paperwork to fill out.

  • Employees can also take advantage of great rewards provided by other local restaurants and merchants.


More CARROT Advantages

CARROT Health & Wellness offers a number of other advantages to provide both employers and their staff members with the best experience possible.

  • CARROT can send messages directly to the lock screens of participants to celebrate accomplishments and encourage continued progress.

  • Personalized activity goals make it possible for normally-sedentary employees and manual wheelchair users can compete equally with all other staff members for CARROT rewards.

  • Purchasing expensive fitness trackers (such as Fitbits) isn’t required, although data from those devices can be used with CARROT.

  • CARROT can work with your current wellness vendors to integrate existing programs to help support all population wellness & employee engagement strategies.


Measurable Results

Real time analytics allow the employer to track and measure the effectiveness of its CARROT program.

  • The employer receives aggregated activity data without requiring participants to actively report information.

  • Sharing activity data couldn’t be easier for participants. Data is seamlessly uploaded, automatically, when the participant opens the app.

  • Participants can also opt-in to share their personal activity data with the employer through a variety of secure methods.

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