Employee engagement is the "Achilles heel" of population health & wellness initiatives – and that’s exactly why CARROT has become a great new option for employers of all sizes.

CARROT is an entirely new type of employee wellness and engagement program. It finally gives employers a mobile tool to drive healthy behaviors such as walking, running and climbing stairs.

Here’s how CARROT for Wellness works:

1. Employees participate by downloading the CARROT PASS app.

2. Participants begin earning CARROT Reward Points for walking, running, climbing stairs, etc.

    3. CARROT sends daily messages of encouragement to the lock screens of participants to further incentivize participation (opt-in feature for participants).

    4. Participants redeem Reward Points at local CARROT-registered businesses or through special offers available on the app for great discounts and savings.

    5. Through CARROT iBeacons placed strategically throughout the workplace, the employer receives aggregated activity data from participants while also having the ability to send automated messages to participants.

    6. Employees also receive special offers through the employer-branded “Rewards Center” on the CARROT app (this is an optional feature in which incentives may be funded by the employer, its business partners and/or local businesses).

    7. The employer monitors the ongoing success of its CARROT program through a custom-built dashboard.

    Advantages? CARROT for Wellness offers many:

    INDIVIDUALIZED: Activity goals are customized to the participant and updated daily. This feature is designed to effectively motivate even the most sedentary employee. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach (which typically only engages the healthiest members of a population), CARROT’s individualized program incentivizes and benefits ALL participants.

    CONVENIENT:  CARROT gives participants one CARROT Reward Point for each step they take – and the app doesn’t have to be running, even in the background, to receive these points! Also, because of CARROT’s mix of technologies and program strategies, purchasing additional hardware (such as pedometers or Fitbits) isn’t required. Additionally, Apple’s iPhone 5s and a variety of Android models are now available at no cost, making it possible for everyone to use CARROT.

    MOTIVATING:  CARROT uses local business incentives to drive engagement.  CARROT Reward Points may be redeemed at CARROT-registered businesses for special products and discounts. Essentially, CARROT rewards employees, financially, just for being active! 

    ENGAGING:  CARROT can send automated messages directly to the lock screens of participants to celebrate accomplishments and encourage continued progress. The employer would also have the ability to send messages to the lock screens of participants.

    BRANDED:  If desired, the CARROT app can feature a company-branded Rewards Center which would give the employer the opportunity to post special offers, incentives, discounts, etc. These offers could be directly from the employer, or they may also be provided through the company’s vendors, business partners and other local merchants.  The Rewards Center would ONLY be accessible to the company’s employees!

    INTEGRATED:  CARROT can work with your current wellness vendors and existing programs to help support all population wellness & employee engagement strategies. 

    MEASURABLE:  A custom dashboard can be created to allow the employer to track and measure the effectiveness of its CARROT program on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.  Sharing this information couldn’t be easier for the participants. Data can be seamlessly uploaded, automatically, from the participant’s phone through CARROT beacons when the employee comes within 200 feet of a beacon. Participants can also opt-in to share their personal activity data with the employer through a variety of secure methods.

    Is your work force is as fit, happy, motivated and healthy as possible? Are you absolutely certain your current employee wellness initiatives are worthwhile and cost-effective? Are your current programs motivating ALL of your employees – including the most sedentary members of your team?

    If not, please contact us today. Let us show you how CARROT can provide you with a dynamic, cost-effective program that truly incentivized healthy behaviors.

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